Paxful Review 2023: Cryptocurrency for Beginners. Is Exchange and Buying Bitcoins on Paxful a Scam or Legit?

Join the top peer-to-peer marketplace to trade Bitcoin with 10 million other users who share your interests using more than 350 different payment methods.

If you're new to the world of cryptocurrency, you may be wondering what the heck crypto is and how it works.

Paxful is a peer-to-peer crypto exchange service that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with other users.

In this review, we'll take a look at Paxful and how it can be a great starting point for beginners who are looking to get into the world of crypto exchange.

What is Paxful and How Does Paxful Works?

Paxful is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange that helps you find others who want to use digital currency to complete transactions.

Paxful was founded in 2015 as a way to simplify the process of trading bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for buyers and sellers.

It features an easy-to-use interface and is intuitive for crypto beginners to understand.

The platform enables Paxful Citizens to link up with other people like them globally to buy and sell cryptocurrency. The community is 9 million people strong and growing every day!

How to Create a Paxful Account.

Paxful's journey begins with a simple decision: to create an account or not.

If you're ready to take the plunge into the world of cryptocurrency and financial freedom, then opening an account is the next step.

Registering also gets you a free wallet to store the cryptocurrency you earn from trading on Paxful.

This Paxful school tutorial will guide you through the process of creating an account:

Cryptocurrencies: How to Use Paxful to Buy Bitcoin and Sell Bitcoin?

How To Use Paxful

Buying Cryptocurrency.

When you purchase cryptocurrency from another user on Paxful, the rate is set by the customers themselves.

This rate can change based on various factors such as your verification status, payment method, currency pair (like USD, EUR, CNY), and order size.

Selling Cryptocurrency.

Paxful charges a fee at the beginning of a trade that is deducted from your wallet. If the trade is completed successfully, Paxful receives the fee.

If the trade is not completed and the cryptocurrency is released back to the seller, Paxful does not charge a fee. Some trades at kiosks may require an additional fee.

What Can You Do on Paxful's Platform?

  • Pax Citizens can connect with each other to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT).
  • On Paxful, you're in charge of your own crypto sales. You set the prices and decide which payment methods to accept. This way, you have full control over your financial future!
  • You can store your cryptocurrency in our free Wallet and transfer coins to other Paxful wallets for free.
  • Paxful makes it easy to buy and sell bitcoin with over 400 payment methods, including PayPal, debit cards, and gift cards.
  • Paxful also provides a secure platform with an escrow system and a dedicated customer support team. They are constantly improving the platform's security.

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin: Complete guide with basic step-by-step instructions.

What is a Paxful Wallet?

Paxful Wallet

Paxful provides a free and secure cryptocurrency wallet to all users upon sign-up. This will help you get started with sending and receiving cryptocurrency.

Paxful Bitcoin wallet app allows you to store your cryptocurrency securely. The wallet service lets you see your transactions, similar to your online banking account.

To send and receive cryptocurrency using your Paxful Wallet, you can simply provide your wallet address to other crypto users.

There are many different types of bitcoin wallet service providers available, whether you’re looking for a web or mobile app solution.

Your Paxful wallet can help you get started right away! For more information on wallet restrictions and different types of wallets, go to Paxful.

What Payment Method Does Paxful Accept?

Paxful accepts a wide range of payment methods, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, PayPal, and more. You can find a full list of accepted payment methods on the Paxful website.

Paxful also offers more than 400 methods to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Some payment methods may be restricted depending on your location, but you will still have many options to use in their marketplace.

Some of their most popular payment types Paxful works with:

  • Altcoins (Ethereum, Litecoin).
  • Online Wallets (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc).
  • Bank transfers (ACH, wire transfers, etc).
  • Credit/debit cards.
  • Gift cards (Amazon, iTunes, Visa, etc).

Paxful Exchange: What are Paxful Fees?

When you trade or transfer cryptocurrency, Sellers may be charged fees when they sell.

However, Paxful offers a competitive fee structure so that you can keep more of your Bitcoin. Outside of Paxful fees will vary.

Additional fees may be incurred when sending money through the bitcoin network.

However, these fees do not go to Paxful, they are paid by the sender. Buyers using the site will not be charged any fees.

Trading Platform: Cryptocurrency Fees.

Payment Group:

Bank Transfer.

  • Selling - 0.5%.
  • Buying - No fee.

Other Bank Transfer.

Selling - 1%.

Buying - No fee.

Credit/Debit Card.

Selling - 1%.

Buying - No fee.

Digital Currency.

Selling - 1%.

Buying - No fee.

Online Wallet.

Selling - 1%.

Buying - No fee.


Selling - 1%.

Buying - No fee.

Goods & Services.

Selling - 1%.

Buying - No fee.

Gift Card.

Selling - 5% iTunes and Google Play cards.

Selling - 4% for all other gift card types.

Buying - No fee.

Sending and Receiving Bitcoin on Paxful.

Wallet Type:

External Wallet.

  • Send - $0 - $9.99 = 0.00008 BTC fee.
  • Send - $10 - $19.99 = 0.00016 BTC fee.
  • Send - $20+ = 0.0004 BTC fee.
  • Receive - no fee.

Internal Wallet.

  • Send - Up to 1,000 USD per month for free (between all cryptocurrencies).
  • Send - After 1,000 USD is reached, a fee of 1 USD or 1% of the amount being sent, whichever is greater, is applied.
  • Receive - No fee.

To see a list of all Paxful fees, please click here.

Mobile App: Do They Have a Paxful App?

Paxful App

Yes, Paxful is one of the go-to mobile apps for anyone who wants to either buy or sell cryptocurrency. Which is a lot of people.

In fact, the service was so successful that it recently became one of the most downloaded apps in the iOS app store.

Paxful gives you mobile wallets for both Android and iOS. The Paxful Wallet App makes it easy to send, receive, and store cryptocurrency with your own personal mobile wallet.

The cryptocurrency Wallet App is also the ultimate companion tool to

Paxful Support: How Good is Paxful Customer Support?

Using the Paxful support team and their virtual assistant PaxBot will help with any questions you might have.

What is PaxBot?

PaxBot is a support chatbot created by Paxful. It can be found on the homepage and is designed to answer any questions you may have.

What Can PaxBot Do?

PaxBot is a great way to get answers to your questions about Paxful. Whether you're looking for information on how to open a Paxful account, trading, or disputes, PaxBot can help you out.

Plus, if you have any specific questions about how to use Paxful's various features, PaxBot can assist you with that as well.

It's quick and efficient, and there are no wait times, so give it a try!

What Do I Do if PaxBot Doesn’t Understand My Question?

If PaxBot does not understand your question, you can try to rephrase the question in a simpler way.

If your question can't be answered by PaxBot, it will help you submit a ticket to the Support team.

A Look at Paxful Platform: The Pros and Cons.

Paxful is a popular peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace that allows users to buy and sell bitcoin with a wide range of payment methods.

Paxful is designed to be easy to use and offers a great way to buy and sell bitcoin without having to go through a traditional exchange.

However, there are some drawbacks to using Paxful, let's take a look at the Pros and Cons of the Paxful Platform.


  • Instantly buy Bitcoin.
  • Fixed fees to buy and sell through Paxful.
  • Over 300 payment methods.
  • Live chat during a trade.
  • ID and biometric verification.
  • Full-featured, exchange, and digital wallet provider.
  • Popular affiliate program.
  • Real-time trading comes with Bitmart integration.
  • The Bitcoin fee calculator can be used to convert the value of your cryptocurrency into fiat currencies, using live exchange rates.


  • Paxful is not a regulated bitcoin exchange platform.
  • Low diversification outside of the African region.
  • No phone number for support.

Paxful Review: Cryptocurrency for Beginners.

Getting started with cryptocurrency can be a little confusing.

With all of the different and sometimes conflicting information available on the internet, here are some tips to help you get started buying crypto on Paxful.

Be Courteous to Sellers.

They encounter a lot of difficult customers and being respectful can save you a lot of time.

Being respectful is about more than just your language, it’s about following their instructions as well. Note that if there is an argument, the moderator will take language into account.

If You are Not Interested, You Can Cancel.

If you have lost interest in the trade and have not paid the seller, you can cancel the trade. This will release their escrow and allow them to trade with others who are interested.

If you do not cancel the trade and let it remain active, the seller will have to file a dispute or report you, which could result in you receiving negative feedback.

Paxful allows you can check all of your active trades on your dashboard. To open the trade, click Chat, and to cancel it, click Cancel.

Additionally, keep in mind that haggling over prices is not allowed. If you're unhappy with an offer, don't try to negotiate a lower price in the same transaction.

Simply start a new trade with different terms. This will help avoid any disputes or miscommunications with the seller.

The Minimum Trade Amount on Paxful.

The minimum amount of Bitcoin you can buy is 10 USD or its equivalent in other currencies.

The minimum amount of Bitcoin you can sell is 0.001 BTC.

The Seller’s Reputation and Activity.

The seller's reputation is displayed with a green thumb. This is the total number of positive feedback the seller has received.

By clicking on the seller's name, you can view their full profile. This includes how much negative feedback they have received in addition to the positive.

You can also see their location, all active offers, and other important information.

Always review the sellers on Paxful before making any Paxful exchange. Be attentive to both positive and negative feedback from Paxful traders.

Even though a user may have a lot of positive feedback scores, you should still be cautious if they also have a high percentage of negative feedback.

Also, pay attention to how long the user has been present on our platform.

When the seller is ID-verified, it means that we have checked his documents and background, which is much better.

In addition, be sure to check when the seller was last active on Paxful. This ensures that you will have a fast and smooth transaction without any delays from the seller.

Make Sure to Always Read the Terms.

Sellers should mention what requirements they have and what the buyer will need to provide.

For example, for gift cards, many sellers require a receipt showing that the gift card was bought legally and also to establish that the buyer is indeed the owner of the gift card.

If this information is requested and the buyer cannot provide it, then it is better not to proceed with the trade.

If the buyer can provide all the requirements, then make sure they have everything ready before starting the trade.

Make Sure You are Aware of the Price.

The Bitcoin price on Paxful is never the same as its official market rate since sellers charge a fee to convert regular currency into Bitcoin.

The fee's price varies among sellers and is based on who you buy from. So be on the lookout for the best deals.

The offer page always lists the rate of each seller. The number that should interest you most is how much you get in dollars. The higher the number, the more profitable the trade will be for you.

Click the Paid Button Only When the Payment Has Been Processed.

After you click the Paid button, the countdown timer will end and your order can no longer expire.

This is significant because if the offer expires before you send the seller payment information like a gift card code, then the escrow will be released and you will not receive your cryptocurrency.

The "Paid" button also provides security for sellers who may be dishonest or forgetful. If you click the "Paid" button and you haven't actually paid, the seller might think you're a coin-locker or someone trying to scam them.

Be sure to click the button only once you've paid, in order to prevent any complications.

Don't Back Out of the Trade After You've Already Paid.

If you have a problem with a trade after you've paid the seller, you can start a dispute.

Having a Paxful Moderator help with the situation is much better than canceling the trade, which won't allow Moderators to help and will take longer to resolve.

Gift Card Codes are Strictly Prohibited on Paxful.

When you buy a gift card code from someone with the intention of selling it to someone else, this is known as brokering.

Even if you checked the code when you bought it, the person who sold you the code can use it anytime without your knowledge. This is why brokering is not allowed according to the Paxful Terms of Service.

If you attempt to sell other people codes that are already used, you will be reported and not allowed to trade on Paxful anymore. This is not only a waste of your time but also of others.

Only use codes from gift cards that you have purchased.

Third Parties for Making Payments is Not Allowed.

You, as the owner of the gift card, credit card, bank account, or online payment platform account, must submit the payment yourself.

Allowing a third party to pay on your behalf is not allowed and may be considered scamming on Paxful.

Make Sure to Trade for the Entire Value of the Gift Card.

If you possess a $50 gift card, then it is not feasible to trade for less than that amount (e.g., requesting someone to take only $33 out of your $50). It should be noted that the seller can only accept the full amount.

Therefore, if you initiate an order for $33 and the seller accepts $50, the only way to receive your change back in cryptocurrency is by starting a new trade for the difference.

It's possible that the seller's ranges will not match that amount or the seller may cancel their offers or go offline.

Don't Ever Request the Trader to Deliver the Cryptocurrency in Advance.

Please note that Paxful sees this as a scam and is an instant ban.

We have a trade escrow service so you know the cryptocurrency is there and waiting for you once you complete the payment.

​​Is Paxful Legit, and is Paxful Safe?

Is Paxful Safe

Two of the most common questions is whether Paxful is safe or legit. Paxful can be a good choice if you would like to buy Bitcoin. Paxful offers a range of different payment methods and a digital wallet that is built into the platform.

Such wallets ensure you can easily store, keep and transfer your Bitcoins across the globe. There are no additional charges when you make a payment on Paxful.

This is why it is one of the most popular peer-to-peer platforms for buying bitcoin when comparing Paxful vs the others.

To date, more than 14 million people have used and liked Paxful without any reported rates of fraud, scam, or deception.

Paxful takes a business model of safety, ensuring that all Paxful users are safe, saving them much of the risk involved in trading crypto.

If you're ready to experience the benefits that trading crypto can offer, Paxful is the right platform for you, Paxful is legit.

How to Join the Paxful Affiliate Program?

Paxful Affiliate Program

Paxful’s affiliate program is a good option if you’re looking to make money online.

A Few Paxful Affiliate Program Benefits:

  • You earn 50% of the escrow fee every time one of your affiliates buys Bitcoin.
  • You earn 10% of the escrow fee each time someone from your extended network buys Bitcoin.
  • As soon as you have earned 10 USD in Bitcoin, you can transfer your earnings to your Paxful wallet.

You can join by clicking the button below.👇

Open an Account Now - Paxful Sign Up.

Paxful Sign Up

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