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WebinarFuel Review: 15 Reasons Why This is The Best Automated Webinar Software.

Check out this WebinarFuel Review to see why it's the best Automated Webinar Software.

This WebinarFuel Review goes over 15 reasons in detail to show you how this software can benefit you.

So If you're looking for an Automated Webinar Software that will save you time and money, look no further than WebinarFuel!

#1 WebinarFuel is an All-In-One Real Webinar Software.

Webinarfuel Real Webinar Software

Finally, a platform for automated webinars that does more than simply "play a video" on a website. Experience the benefits of your events "feel" like a live webinar.

Anthony Morrison along with LaTesha Burroughs specifically created this playback environment to improve user experience and boost conversion rates.

  • WebinarFuel allows you to add life to your webinar to boost participation, conversions, and revenue.
  • Webinars are automated fully.
  • Host automated webinars that feel like it's live.

#2 Split-Test Browser Playback Versus App Playback.

Webinarfuel Play In App vs Play in Browser

To get the highest conversions, we highly recommend delivering your webinar through this custom app, but you can also play your webinars directly through the browser so the user doesn't have to download WebinarFuel’s app.

The fact that you can split test it, use the app only for initial registration but the browser version for replay, and even choose different options for desktop versus mobile makes it even more potent.

You have full control of your pages and the way you work inside WebinarFuel.

  • The playback experience for your webinar is entirely up to you!
  • Split-test different browser and app playback options to see which produces better results.

#3 Dynamic Registration Widgets.

Webinarfuel Dynamic Registration Widgets

Dynamic Registration Widgets allow you to easily add new users to your site without having to manually create accounts for each individual.

This is a convenient way to keep your site populated with fresh content and ensure that new users have access to all the features of your site.

  • You can also have a two-step registration process to easily capture an email address before a user completes their registration!
  • Increase sign-ups and capture leads by breaking the registrant process down into small steps.
  • With WebinarFuel you can add a Floating widget or Button widget to your app.
  • You can change your registration widgets in any way you want.
  • When creating a registration process, you can include surveys or any other custom fields. This allows you to collect the information you need from participants.
  • Spit-test different widgets to see which one converts the best when people register for your webinar.

#4 Webinars That Actually Auto-Play.

Webinarfuel Webinars Actually Auto Play

No playback issues in constantly updated web browsers mean WebinarFuel has control over the entire user experience.

Rather than attendees having to click the "play" button to start a webinar like their competitors, your events will always begin on time - no clicking required.

  • A better user experience leads to a higher stick-through rate, which in turn leads to longer watch times.
  • The webinars feel like and can really help boost sales and conversions!
  • Competitors don’t have this feature.
  • Webinars aren’t playing in real-time, even though it's in a real-time state
  • Customers who use webinar software like zoom, they’re asked to open and play the webinar manually.

#5 Simulation of Live Chat Plus Filters.

Webinarfuel Live Chat Simulation Filters

WebinarFuel is also the most comprehensive live chat simulation available. Their exclusive "filters" let you quickly set keywords so the software can screen out any comments you don't want.

As attendees keep chatting, their system saves that to the database and adds it to the simulator for future events.

  • If you want your event to be successful, adding a live chat feature can help! It will make your event seem more exciting and vibrant, which can encourage more people to convert.

#6 Take Charge of Your Thank You Pages.

Webinarfuel Control Your Thank You Pages

Their new "thank you page widgets" give you complete control over your thank you pages! You're no longer stuck using pre-made templates.

Plus, you can control which thank you page a person sees based on how long before an event they registered.

  • Example: If they sign up X time before the event, they'll be redirected to the thank you page that has an offer for them before the webinar.

#7 Easy Split-Testing Webinars.

Webinarfuel Split Testing Webinars Made Easy

The "tagging" feature enables you to test different versions of a webinar without having to create the entire thing from scratch!

For example, you could add 3 video files to one webinar event, tag each video with different offer timings, and WebinarFuel will take care of the rest.

WebinarFuel will give you a portion of your audience in video form when they join, as well as analytics for each version of the webinar so you can determine which one is most effective for your audience.

  • See why people don’t register for whatever (A) webinar vs (B) Webinar.
  • Split test webinars without recreating the entire thing.

#8 Easy Traffic Source Testing.

Webinarfuel Traffic Source Testing Made Easy

You are planning on directing traffic into each webinar you create from Facebook, Youtube, and other sources?

In the past, you needed to set up a separate webinar for each traffic source in order to properly track results.

But with WebinarFuel's simple "traffic source" and "tagging" options, you can set up one single event and get your analytics and stats broken down by traffic source.

#9 Segment Your Contacts.

Webinarfuel Contact Segmentation

This feature is unique to WebinarFuel and is not found on any other platform.

You can easily view all your contacts, see their origin, what browsers they use and which webinars they've attended.

You can create audience segments with a few clicks and add them to automation or invite them to a new webinar.

They made sure you have access to all your data.

#10 Level Up Your Automation Game.

Webinarfuel Next Level Automations

WebinarFuel is the best automated webinar platform with the most advanced automation capabilities of any software on the market.

Webinar software like Zoom or GotoWebinar doesn't even come close. Connect your email provider to create automated processes that no other software can match.

If someone doesn't complete registration after inputting their email address, WebinarFuel will send them an email 10 minutes later and a text message 5 minutes after that.

If someone doesn't purchase your products or services after clicking the CTA button on your webinar, you can use WebinarFuel to send them a text message telling them to schedule a call or talk with a sales agent.

This will help you sell your products or services to more people.

#11 True Offer Deadline Timer & Closeout Sequence.

Webinarfuel True Offer Deadline and Closeout Sequence

We know that conversions are important, and that's why WebinarFuel provides you with ways to create higher conversion rates on your webinars.

They introduced "deadlines" which let you select how long you want the offer to be available to someone after the webinar they attend.

  • Having the ability to create an email sequence that TRULY informs your registrants when the offer is ending. Their notifications have a "before closeout" setting that lets you send emails, set up an SMS notification 10 times faster, and push notifications with embedded countdown timers at specific moments before the offer expires.
  • True webinar funnel deadline features.

#12 Customize Quiz and Playback Video.

Webinarfuel Quiz

If you want to create conversions, it's important that the person watching your webinar sees and hears themselves in your presentation.

Their new registration widgets let you integrate a quiz into the registration process.

Depending upon the answers they give to the quiz, you can send people to different webinars based on their actions.

  • They offer a level of customization that is unrivaled by our competitors. This allows you to increase conversions!
  • Run different webinars based upon the answers given to your quiz, and track your stats.

#13 Schedule Your Split-Test.

Webinarfuel Split Test Schedules

The timing of your webinar offer is key to driving conversions.

Scheduling split testing allows you to create multiple schedule groups (groups of times your webinar takes place) and quickly split test them.

See the stats and determine which group of event times is going to get you the best conversion rate!

#14 Inside the Widget Customization.

Webinarfuel Customize Widgets

You can customize your registration widget to include almost anything you want.

WebinarFuel simple drag-and-drop editor lets you add a countdown timer, video, images, and many other elements.

  • The registration process is the beginning of the customer journey, they give you the ability to customize the registration to increase conversions!

#15 Advanced Notification Filter.

Webinarfuel Powerful Notification Filter

To generate more conversions in an automated webinar, you need to talk to the right people at the right time with the laser-targeted message.

WebinarFuel's powerful notification filters allow you to create as many SMS, Email, and Push notifications as you want and laser target one to specific people based on dynamic filters.

  • For those who saw your CTA, send a follow-up message. For those who didn't, try a different approach.
  • People who stayed on your webinar for a certain amount of time should receive a specific message.
  • People who view your site on different device types should receive specific messages.
  • And many more exciting options!

WebinarFuel Pricing.

Monthly Plan $97/month.

For mid-sized businesses who want to construct a system to promote involvement.

Yearly Plan $997/year.

For businesses that want to increase the profitability of their community.

Bonus: WebinarFuel Integrations.

Webinarfuel Advanced Integrations

You can easily integrate WebinarFuel with many of the top CRM and autoresponder software programs.

They designed the API to be user-friendly and created "if/then" logic that would automatically move your contacts based on their level of engagement at your events.

You can add people to a list and tag them based on their actions!

Integrates With Your Favorite Tools.

  • Zapier.
  • Aweber.
  • Active Campaign.
  • SendGrid.
  • OntraPort.
  • Klaviyo.
  • MailChimp.
  • InfusionSoft.
  • Twilio.

What is Automated vs Live Webinar?

When it comes to webinars, there are two main types: live and automated (also known as pre-recorded). Both types have their pros and cons, and it's important to understand the differences between them to decide which one is best for your needs.

Live Webinars.

Live webinars are exactly what they sound like, they are live events that are broadcast at a specific time and date. During a live webinar, the presenter is usually present in real-time, delivering the content and interacting with the audience in real time.

Live webinars are great for building a sense of community, as attendees can interact with each other and the presenter in real time.

However, live webinars can be challenging to schedule, as you need to find a time that works for both the presenter and the attendees.

Additionally, live webinars can be stressful for the presenter, as they need to be "on" and engaging for the entire duration of the webinar.

Automated Webinars.

Automated webinars, on the other hand, are pre-recorded events that can be played back at any time. This means that the presenter does not need to be present in real-time during the webinar, making it a convenient and flexible option.

Automated webinars are great for scaling your business, as you can reach a large audience without needing to be present for every webinar.

However, automated webinars lack the sense of community that live webinars provide. Attendees cannot interact with each other or the presenter in real time, which can make the experience feel less personal.

Additionally, automated webinars require more upfront work, as you need to record the webinar ahead of time and make sure that everything runs smoothly during playback.

Both live and automated webinars have their pros and cons. Live webinars are great for building a sense of community, while automated webinars are great for scaling your business. Consider your goals and resources when deciding which type of webinar to create.

7 FAQs About Webinars.

Webinars, or web-based seminars, are online events that allow you to present information, interact with your audience, and build your brand. They are an excellent way to connect with your audience and share your knowledge and expertise.

1. Webinar Definition: What is a Webinar?

A webinar is a live or pre-recorded online event that allows you to present information to an audience in real time. Webinars can be used for a variety of purposes, including training, marketing, and sales.

2. How Does a Webinar Work?

Webinars typically involve a presenter or group of presenters sharing information with an audience using a combination of audio, video, and visual aids. Attendees can interact with the presenter by asking questions, participating in polls, and sharing feedback.

3. What is an Evergreen Webinar?

An evergreen webinar is a pre-recorded webinar that can be played back at any time. This type of webinar is useful for businesses that want to automate their marketing and sales processes.

4. What is The Conversion Rate for Evergreen Webinars?

The conversion rate for evergreen webinars varies depending on the industry and the quality of the webinar. However, studies have shown that evergreen webinars can have conversion rates as high as 20%.

5. How Good Are Clickfunnels Webinars vs WebinarFuel?

Both Clickfunnels and WebinarFuel offer powerful webinar software solutions. Clickfunnels is known for its funnel-building capabilities, while WebinarFuel is known for its automation features. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific needs and goals.

6. What are the Pros and Cons of Zoom Webinar vs Meeting?

Zoom offers both webinar and meeting solutions. Webinars are designed for one-to-many presentations, while meetings are designed for interactive discussions. Webinars are better for marketing and sales, while meetings are better for collaboration and teamwork.

7. Why WebinarFuel is The Best Automated Webinar Software?

WebinarFuel is the best-automated webinar software because it offers a wide range of features, including automation, customization, and analytics. It is also easy to use and affordable, making it a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

How to Create a Pre-Recorded Webinar: A Step-by-Step Guide.

How to Make a Pre Recorded Webinar with WebinarFuel.

If you want to create a pre-recorded webinar, using a tool like WebinarFuel can make the process easier for you. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Sign up for WebinarFuel and log in to your account.
  • Click on the "Create New Webinar" button to start a new project.
  • Choose the type of webinar you want to create, such as a live or pre-recorded webinar.
  • Choose a theme for your webinar or create a custom design.
  • Customize your registration page and thank you page with your branding and messaging.
  • Create your webinar content, including your slides, videos, and other multimedia elements.
  • Use WebinarFuel's editing tools to add interactive elements like polls, surveys, and calls to action.
  • Set up your webinar automation, including scheduling, email notifications, and reminders.
  • Test your webinar to make sure everything works correctly.
  • Publish your pre-recorded webinar and start promoting it to your audience.

With WebinarFuel, you can also track your webinar's performance with analytics and insights. This can help you optimize your future webinars and improve your results.

Overall, creating a pre-recorded webinar with WebinarFuel can be a streamlined process that allows you to focus on creating high-quality content and engaging with your audience.

By following these steps, you can create a professional and effective pre-recorded webinar that delivers value to your audience.

Click the link above to learn more about WebinarFuel and get started today!

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